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PKM: Small donation, big impact

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

In the words of Ole von Beust, the former Christian Democrat Lord Mayor of the City-State Hamburg, “The Elbphilharmonie will be a magnet and will excite people in the world.”

A New and Impressive Landmark for Hamburg

Hamburg is acquiring a new landmark – the Elbphilharmonie. On the “Kaispeicher A” wharf in the port of Hamburg, concert halls of world ranking are in the making. The complex has been designed by renowned architects Herzog & de Meuron.

Since April 2007, construction of three concert halls, a 210-bed hotel and 45 apartments has been proceeding apace
on an area covering 58,000 m² in total, so concerts and hotel operations can commence by the end of 2016. In the main auditorium seating up to 2,150, people will enjoy classical, jazz and pop concerts.

As a leading supplier of software solutions for property and plant construction, Conclude jumped on the opportunity to lend strong support to this extraordinary project by providing its PKM Project Room free of charge!

Project members access the PKM over a secure Internet link and are using it as a central distribution hub for project documents PKM is providing the means for interexchanging documents and information in a clearly structured, targeted and verifiable amongst project participants, and for storing this data in audit-compliant form. This eliminates the need for complicated and often error-prone exchange via fax, email fragmented e-systems or postal delivery.

Software alone is no guarantee for happiness, so the PKM ServicePoint is configuring and administering the Elbphilharmonie planning and construction project free of charge and for maximum customer friendliness. With this active support alone, PKM and its management functions are saving the project substantial costs. The individual project participants also profit from simplified procedures and leaner organization of the documentation and control system. In addition, people involved in the project can refer to the most up-to-date information at any time and from any place.

The second PKM was launched in August 2009 for HOCHTIEF Construction. As the general contractor of this project HOCHTIEF uses PKM for the CAD review processes and for the detail design process management. The PKM workflow engine is heavily utilized and more than 50.000 documents and tasks have been imported and assigned within the first month. Conclude’s ability to handle large projects and smooth integrations quickly with the project owner’s PKM tipped the scales in favor for PKM as the project e-center for the general contractor HOCHTIEF Construction.