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FIFA Soccer World Cup 2014 in Brazil with PKM

After the Soccer World Cup is preparation for the next World Cup

Conclude is extremely happy to support a major stadium project for the 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brazil, five time Soccer World Champion.

Estádio das Dunas in Natal (Brazil)

The city of Natal needed a new stadium because even an extensive renovation of the existing stadium “Estádio Estrela dos Reis Magos” could not meet FIFA's requirements. The initial proposal called for construction of an additional new stadium in the city - it was not viable because there isn’t enough public demand for 2 stadiums. Estádio Estrela has a special location near the city center, and easy public access so it was decided to demolish the old stadium and replace it with a modern arena in its place - creating a great legacy for Natal.

Aspiring for LEED certification, the project is designed for energy and water efficiency while meeting the technical requirements established by FIFA, the Brazilian Soccer Confederation, and all local and national statutes.

Grupo Stadia, São Paulo, chose PKM after extensive evaluation of leading systems and consideration of their previous experience with some of these systems. Grupo Stadia will use PKM to organize the collaboration between project partners spread over two continents.

PKM will facilitate full documentation of the design and construction process; a key element for project success and an important factor to meet FIFA requirements. In addition, PKM will be used to manage costs, risks and quality control. English and Portuguese are the project languages so PKM is bilingual - one of the outstanding functionalities of PKM. Besides the user interface, all attributes the configuration settings will also appear in the language of the user.

Team members of Grupo Stadia in São Paulo will serve as the PKM 1st level support to Portuguese project members and the Conclude ServicePoint in Germany will take care of the European members of this project including the configuration changes and 2nd level support for the global project team.

Grupo Stadia – São Paulo
Grupo Stadia is a pioneer in the Brazilian Soccer Stadium segment and leading developer of integrated urban stadiums as places of meeting and sharing, entertainment and community pride. Grupo Stadia develops emblematic Stadium projects for the 2014 World Cup: master planning, projects of urban mobility, training and entertainment centers. Grupo Stadia also manages construction works, and provides specialized technical consultancy.