Did you already know?

ServicePoint comprises a telephone hotline, a direct, personal support from specialized staff, which is directly involved in con- ceptual design, development and in your projects.

ServicePoint also manages your configuration and helps new users with the first steps.

What does CONOBJECTS offer?

Your vision: an information system for your plants, machines, objects and components, which can be accessed by all project participants form the planning process onwards.

Your demand: easy and user-defined system configuration. Our solution? A software system that improves the information basis step by step without implementing a comprehensive and costly software project.

Conclude developed CONOBJECTS, a web-based information system for plants and objects. Structured and successive upgrading is the key for implementing a successful information system for plants and objects. The different system requirements cannot be covered right from the start – maximum software adaptability is necessary and inevitable. In CONOBJECTS you can extend your dataset and add required attributes step by step, when needed, rather than forcing your information and attributes into existing structures.

CONOBJECTS lets you define individual object types, assign them with attributes, and, of course, perform evaluations and analyses. You always maintain flexibility of data collection and evaluation. You define what shall be collected and evaluated in your construction project according to your needs.