Did you already know?

With CONOBJECTS we provide a cross-site solution for planning and operating technical components without carrying unnecessary ballast along. Check it out!

What does CONTEMS offer?

High volumes of information, needless data and several comprehensive software packages ranging from portfolio management to FM systems often result in data scattering, confusion and overloaded real estate information systems. In order to solve the multitude of problems and challenges arising from this approach, Conclude developed CONTEMS, a web-based real estate system.

Rather than forcing your data into predefined and inflexible structures over multiple systems, CONTEMS lets you successively implement an intelligent and individual real estate information system based on data that you actually require. This begins with qualifying real estate types and importing real estate master data. The categorization is completely up to you: energy consumption, water consumption, volume of waste, rented area, operating figures or other specifications.

The major advantage: you define CONTEMS’ structures and obtain maximum possible individuality. CONTEMS adapts to your needs. Additionally, the flexible report generator allows the individual definition of evaluation reports based on existing data.