Did you already know?

Since 2004, our Project Communication Management System PKM has been proving its value in large production plant and power station projects in the US and the Arab region.

What are CONTEMS’s features?

We think that setting up a successful real estate system can only be done in a structured and step-by-step manner. That is why we have developed CONTEMS – a software solution that provides maximum flexibility. CONTEMS supersedes entry of unnecessary information, streamlining data collection and evaluation. Of course you have the ability to extend the database and perform evaluations at any time. Our ServicePoint modifies CONTEMS according to your requirements immediately. Depending on your needs, CONTEMS has several additional functions, e.g.:

  • Local entry of contents
  • Protection through granular rights
  • Freely definable access for responsible persons of individual properties
  • Integration with CONTRACE and PKM allows budget estimation for real estate maintenance and renovation