Did you already know?

Input media (smartphone, tablet PC, camera, Excel or paper, or PC and Internet) can be freely selected according to needs and equipment.

What does CONTRACE offer?

There are several factors in construction projects that often lead to delays and unpredictable cost inflation. Often the overview of responsibilities is lost quickly and, mistakes are overlooked because they are fragmented in huge volumes of data. This results in cost and time increases as well, as unnecessary and intensive comparison work. In order to facilitate the efficient and comprehensive tracking and organization of all defects, repairs, maintenance and liabilities, we have developed the CONTRACE defects management system.

CONTRACE is a web-based solution for recording, processing and tracking defects or punch-lists from origination to completion. Access rights for project participants can be configured individually. The system automatically generates notices of defects and clearly displays terms and liabilities.

Through continuous updates to defects and status CONTRACE always allows you to make forecasts based on the latest data. This assures efficient and competitive construction management. With CONTRACE you can seamlessly track your project’s progress at any time from anywhere. In addition, CONTRACE lets you use different input media such as smartphones, notebooks or table PCs for defect inspections. ServicePoint is available for you over the entire project duration and does not involve any extra costs, no matter if new users, workflows or report templates need to be be created or changed – we immediately configure and modify CONTRACE. You can reach our ServicePoint by email, phone and fax.