Did you already know?

Project participants access our software solutions via a 256-bit encrypted connection, which is many times more secure than data exchange via unsecured email.

What are CONTROL’s features?

CONTROL is a web-based standard software – it is independent from locations and up to date at any time. Thus, you gain maximum possible efficiency and transparency: quick access to budget & costs saves time and money, and allow you to optimally track all actual costs. A flexible report generator offers many possibilities, e.g.:

  • Standard evaluation
  • Target-performance comparison
  • Management reports
  • Risk analyses and forecasts
  • Automatic creation of invoice sheets
  • Order and amendment sheets

  • CONTROL supports companies in processing contracts and in approving invoices by construction managers, supervisors, project managers, architects and building contractors.

    CONTROL guarantees extremely smooth order tracking and seamless invoice entry. In addition, interfaces to PKM and to accounting systems such as SAP or Navision, provide all project participants, depending on their permissions, with quick and safe access to the platform. This ensures continuously updated data – unnecessary comparisons are avoided. By its different budgeting methods (contracts units / commercial budgeting), CONTROL forges links between several systems and cost philosophies.

    Continuously updated data allow you to plan target costs and draw up your budget better and more precisely – combined with a systematic risk management, this forms an excellent and reliable basis for well founded forecasts for the entire project: reliable and with daily updated data.

    Conclude’s ServicePoint ensures that you can focus on your project. At the beginning and during construction, we organize the provision and administration of CONTROL. If required, we will divide your project structure into subprojects, construction projects or other fields. It goes without saying, that we can configure these settings at any time. Our personal service includes the implementation of individual reports and printing of invoice sheets, cash outflow and of the management report all at no extra cost.