Frequently asked questions

For whom are these solutions?
All project participants, from architects, building contractors, planners and contractors, store their planning documents and meeting minutes in our system and exchange these in an efficient manner. Even though the majority of our customers are building contractors, the use of our solutions offers all project members significant advantages.

What are the costs for hardware, etc.?
We operate our solutions using the Software-as-a-service (SaaS) method. This means that provision of the server, 365/24/7 system operation, service and support are completely delivered as service. Purchasing costs for hardware and necessary software licenses do not arise. Rent – no investment!

How much traffic and storage capacity is available for my project?
The monthly rental price includes the entire traffic and storage capacity for your project.

Can the interface of the system be adapted to the corporate design?
Yes, our ServicePoint adapts the system to your company’s design without extra costs.

What is ServicePoint?
ServicePoint offers a direct, personal support by specialized staff, which is directly involved in conceptual design and development of your projects. Whether by email, phone or fax, we will immediately respond to all inquiries and are available for you at any time during your project. Even before the start of the project, ServicePoint acquaints all participants with the functions and services of our solutions. ServicePoint is included in the monthly fee and is available for all project members! There is no subscriber’s meter or hidden extra cost – this is unique!

What does a call to ServicePoint and possible configuration cost?
The monthly rental fee includes all ServicePoint services and the configuration management. There are no extra costs for a call to ServicePoint.

How can I reach ServicePoint?
You can reach our ServicePoint by phone (dial +49 202 – 963 50 30), or you can simply contact us via eMail.

When can ServicePoint be reached by phone?
On weekdays, ServicePoint can be reached between 8 am and 8 pm CET (Mon - Fri). In addition, there is an emergency service...

How long is the term for one solution?
There is no minimum term. You rent our solutions only for the time you actually need them.

How and when are my data backed up?
Our systems, accommodated in high-security data center in Düsseldorf and Oberhausen, are subject to strict safety regulations. The server and the multi-redundant backup systems are operated separately in different data centers 25 miles apart providing maximum data protection. All data of your project are permanently saved and backed up. Leading European financial institutions use our solutions for their projects and take the liberty to perform security checks at any time.

Is the access to the system secure?
Project participants access our software solutions via a 256-bit encrypted connection, which is many times more secure than data exchange via email. In addition, all data are constantly checked for viruses and are protected by a continuously updated (managed) firewall.

What is PKM?
PKM is a central, electronic project room. Here, all project participants communicate, manage and exchange their planning documents or crucial facts. (Read more)

What is CONTROL?
CONTROL allows transparent budgeting, invoice and cost monitoring for complex structural design and plant projects. (Read more)

CONTRACE handles many defects and companies without any difficulties. In addition to creating notices of defects automatically, the key functions of CONTRACE comprise recording, qualification, setting deadlines and tracking of defects. (Read more)

With CONOBJECTS you can record and administer objects like machines, plants, HVAC components and vehicles in a structured way – already during the planning phase – centrally or locally. (Read more)

What is CONTEMS?
CONTEMS manages offices and real estate. It helps you gradually create a platform, which gives an optimal overview and provides a powerful and progressive real estate information system. (Read more)

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