Did you already know?

Project participants access our software solutions via a 256-bit encrypted connection, which is many times more secure than data exchange via unsecured email.

Save costs and time thanks to PKM’s efficient project organization

Smooth teamwork among all project participants greatly conduces to the project’s success and quality. PKM offers effective organization of this teamwork. Our project room as central platform, provides a common basis for data and documents. This ensures that all project data, particularly planning documents, are up to date and can be processed immediately without any difficulty.

The entire list of project participants, from architects to building contractors, planners to contractors can store their planning documents and meeting minutes in PKM. This collaborative project sapce will save considerable time and money.

Planned processes, amendments and inquiries are organized in PKM with the aid of workflows. Advantage: permanent updates and availability of all data prevents misinformation and saves time. Mistakes due to old planning documents do simply not occur. In addition, PKM as central platform avoids costs normally incurred by the reproduction of data and information exchange. All project-relevant documents and information are consistently and safely documented and baseless amendments are minimized.

At the same time, the project management system provides a complete and structured documentation of your project.