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With PKM, all project-relevant documents and information are consistently and safely filed. You obtain a complete and structured documentation of your project.

A safe and profitable investment –
your project data deserve special protection

Three vital aspects form the basis of our solutions’ success: fast access to all data from anywhere and at any time, intuitive user interface, and the maximum possible security. For more than ten years, Conclude’s solutions are used by thousands of building contractors and project managers, and enjoy great popularity. Exceptional projects – such as the construction of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall Hamburg, the Mercedes-Benz Museum or the new construction of the European Central Bank – are supported efficiently and safely thanks to our solutions.

PKM solution not only appeal to customers in Germany. We are increasingly assuming a leading position in international markets: since 2004, our PKM Project Communication Management System has been proving its value in large production plant and power station projects in the US and the Arab region. PKM, for example, is used for the world’s largest desalination plant project in Saudi Arabia.

Our systems, accommodated in a high-security data center KAMP in Oberhausen (Germany) and are subject to strict safety
regulations. The server and the multi-redundant backup system are operated separately in different fire areas providing maximum data protection. All data of your project are permanently saved and backed up at the high-security computer center, myLoc in Düsseldorf (Germany) - 20 miles from the primary computer center KAMP. Project participants access our software solutions via a 256-bit encrypted connection which is many times more secure than email. In addition, all data are constantly checked for viruses and are protected by a continuously updated firewall.

The computer center received an ISO 27001 certification in 2012.

Protection and confidentiality of your data are of paramount importance to us. Hence, independent and specialized companies test our solutions regularly for their safety. Particularly customers such as Deutsche Bank and the European Central Bank attach great importance to data and system security, and perform additional checks.