Did you already know?

Since 2004, our Project Communication Management System PKM has been proving its value in large production plant and power station projects in the US and the Arab region.

PKM organizes your communication and ensures a smooth project progress

PKM’s benefits greatly exceed the improvement of communication and data exchange among project participants. PKM supports you in managing your construction project effectively. PKM brings transparency to your project: all deadlines, tasks and associated documents are organized centrally.

Planning and execution of construction projects involve plenty of deadlines and tasks that the participants, according to their function, have to meet. Informed decisions have to be reached. For this, prompt information processing and availability is essential.

Accordingly, you can make decisions that are based on safe and up-to-date information. The target/actual comparison allows you to continuously monitor your deadlines. Tasks that result from minutes or site and planning meetings are completely managed in the system. Meeting minutes and to-do lists can be updated indefinitely. Result: time saving and updated overviews at any time. Thus, tasks are not lost. No matter if cost overviews, deadline reports or project progress – with the web-based PKM platform you manage and continuously monitor all information from anywhere at any time.